Skullgirls and Indivisible

© Lab Zero Games (2012) – Rough Animation

Skullgirls, a successful PVP fighting game released in 2012, would commence a large update. Complex characters we’re added to the official roster; Big Band, Beowulf, Eliza, RoboFortune, and Squigly.

I was tasked to animate and inbetween from key frames – usually 2 frames; the idle key + action key, always looping back to the idle key.

Lab Zero provided useful 3D assets to aid in some of the more challenging angles and movements (Beowulf’s 3D chair, Eliza’s scythe, and Big Band’s sax).

I returned to animate for assets on Indivisible’s demo (2015). It was in it’s very early stages of development, but looked promising as an action RPG.