Tina (better known online as Jaxxy) has been an avid storyteller and short-form content creator since 2011. She has worked as a remote clean-up artist and team manager since 2016. She is a master of Adobe Animate CC and strives to help those around her be their best. She currently works at two remote studios – Studio Yotta and Studio Meala – and continues to be involved with many of their projects.


Profession: 2D clean up animator and revisionist, project manager

Education: Academy of Art University

Degree: BFA in Animation and VFX

Software of choice: Animate CC, SAI, Procreate, G Suite

Software Experience: Toonboom, Adobe Suite, Unity, Blender, Shotgun, Clip Studio, Sony Vegas, Audition, Microsoft Suite

Hobbies: Sculpting, costume making, game development, cooking, gardening