Full Throttle Remastered

© Double Fine (2017) – Production Assistant, Animation conforming

Ben’s bike explodes, bike asset removed
Nestor and Bolus
Ben driving, revised
Ben driving, first pass
Rogue Biker with 3D bike asset in place
Defeated Ripburger

Lead by the multi talented Ismael Bergara, this was my first introduction to project management and, at the time, the largest project Studio Yotta had taken on. I was brought on as Ismael’s assistant and dove into a massive asset haul of 588 unique shots varying in length, some of them requiring 3D splicing handled by Double Fine’s 3D in-house team. We were to draw over low-res pixelated animations to scale them up to hi-def vectors in Flash/Animate, adding additional animation to account for the widescreen aspect ratio.