Age of Learning

ABC Mouse and Adventure Academy

© Age of Learning (2020-2021) – Rigging, Clean up, Technical Directing, Animation, Revisionist, Assistant Supervisor

Thinking Project
Animation, technical direction, character clean up and rigging

Music Story
Character design, clean up, rigging

Young Thinkers

Animation, Character clean up and rigging (Dragon, background characters)

Gooloo Gooloo World
Technical directing and revisions

Age of Learning is an award winning early education website dedicated to giving children a leg up in their early education. The site has recently launched an online MMORPG called Adventure Academy where users can freely roam a virtual academy campus, view media, and customize their avatars.

During my time with Renegade Animation I was able to connect with many more skilled industry professionals that taught me about the inner workings of the industry and larger animation studio process. Age of Learning had quickly become a primary client and kept us busy with many of their productions. I had a hand working in working on hundreds of various episodes of shows such as Gooloo Gooloo World, Young Thinkers, Thinking Project, Boy Robo, Speak like a Scientist, Music Story, Letter Song, and ABC Mouse Club Friend. My role as an animator/revisionist became more paramount and flexible and I was able to take on other tasks in technical directing, clean up, and rigging.
Renegade gave me a shot at supervising multiple projects for a week, granting me some extra experience at production management. I had a few years of experience managing in a small remote studio environment so this proved to be a good introduction and challenge to juggle within a much larger environment.

The works featured here are strictly for portfolio use only and not to be shared outside of this space.