Animaniacs Episode 4 – anime sequence

© Warner Bros Animation, Hulu (2020) – production manager, clean up, and revisions

The Animaniacs are a group of three main characters – Yakko and Wakko and Dot. We were mostly familiar with these classic designs so the challenge fell on transforming them into anthropomorphic anime characters and mimicking high-action animation akin to Studio Trigger. Animaniacs was a great opportunity to work on a remote project with a strong team of enthusiastic clean up artists. I was able to help with completing a couple shots (featured above) but my focus was dedicated to revising and keeping art in line with the style at hand. Dwayne’s design proved especially difficult towards the end and needed special attention throughout. After several weeks and seeing the completed sequence come together in comp, I felt the final product for Warner Bros Animation was a success.

Revision Work